Project Description


“This world, the same for all, neither any of the gods nor any man has made, but it always was, and is, and shall be, an everlasting fire, kindled in due measure, and in due measure extinguished.”


According to Heraclitus, the primordial element of the World, the source of everything, is energy (the everlasting fire), independently to the meaning that each of us gives to cosmos. Today, after the experimental verification of Albert Einstein’s theory (E=mc2), we actually know that this is true and that matter is made of energy.

We are all energy that can be neither destroyed nor reproduced. This energy, the core of each human, has been here in the past, still is and always will be.

My goal was to capture the moment, at the very moment that the movement of the human body projects its energy in space and time. The very moment that the body makes it to higher levels of evolution and manages to get rid of the lower part of its personality. The moment of the descent to the Higher Self!

Ultimately, is it a trip towards a new dimension open to be explored or just a mind trap?

The answer rests on the soul of the viewer…