Aizoon Pyr

“This world, the same for all, neither any of the gods nor any man has made, but it always was, and is, and shall be, an everlasting fire, kindled in due measure, and in due measure extinguished.” Heraclitus According to Heraclitus, the primordial element of the World, the source of everything, [...]

Own Destinations

Destinations! People rushing to different routes, business destinations, pleasure trips, with small or big luggage. Do we ever arrive at the desired place? Let’s just remember the great Greek poet Constantine Cavafy: “As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians [...]

Shadows in the City

Empty of emotions, with dry faces and gloomy eyes, people lost in the everyday life struggle, each and every one searching for something, money, glory, status… Persons forgetting the inner self, the very essence of human existence, becoming shadows in a shadowy world… It only takes a minute to stand still [...]

Dream Flow

A game of illusions, where time takes another dimension while the sense of the motion is integrated in the image. The objects flow in light, the bodies spread in space as in the atmosphere of a painting, in a nebulous way! The everyday life is presented from a different angle, indifferent [...]

Mykonos Touch