Photography is not merely a picture, but mainly energy

I took my first photo in June 1978, in Paros. There was a teenager who was eating greedily a piece of watermelon. A teenager myself, I was carried away by her beauty. A decade later, looking at that photo again, I realized that I had actually been carried away by her original audacity for life. It was just then that I realized that photography is not merely a picture, but mainly energy.

 I love to photograph the man. The bet for me is to manage to portray the man’s emotions, his energy so that all these can be understood even by the most indifferent viewer.


As a business executive in the marketing sector for two decades, I had been characterized by realism and discipline. My need to get away from this has driven me as a photographer, beyond the obvious, to the unrealistic.

In 1988 my journey to the US started. New York may be the centre of the world, however there is nothing else filled with more energy than the young Creole girl in New Orleans festival. In 1995 I found myself in Asia which had been my photography love for the next three years. My gothic era found me exploring and photographing both the North but also Central Europe. I won’t speak about the Mediterranean, which is anyhow the love of any photographer, but I will talk about Greece, the light and energy of which cannot be found anywhere in the planet.

During the mid 90s, I was attracted by what the viewer could see as a shaken photography. I liked the outcome so much that I continued to experiment with it. The artifacts you see are not processed. This outcome stems from a very technical trick with the camera’s settings and with time. With each click, I don’t only display a single point in time but many more.

With each click, I don’t only display a single point in time but many more.


A game of illusions, where time takes another dimension while the sense of the motion is integrated in the image. The objects flow in light, the bodies spread in space as in the atmosphere of a painting, in a nebulous way!
The everyday life is presented from a different angle, indifferent to the exact and objective representation. The viewer leaves the world of indifferent and often suffocating everyday life and gets carried away in the strange and magical world of dreams!
Thus, the relation with the “terrestrial” reality becomes a personal matter, without any control and thought orientation.


Welcome to my World